Icelandic Saga & Heritage Association

Icelandic Saga & Heritage Association was founded in 2006, creating a forum for collaboration for those involved in saga and heritage tourism in Iceland,  especially regarding publicity, quality and professional standards. The overarching goal of the association is to increase awareness of the historical and cultural background of Iceland. Through cooperation with over a 100 members around Iceland, the association is developing educating and adventurous trails following the Sagas, historical sites, museums and centres.

Dating back to the Settlement times, Iceland´s history with its literary and cultural heritage provide great insights into the societal developments in Northern Europe over the centuries. Around Iceland, many historical sites along with museums and heritage centres connected to Sagas  and the later history of Iceland can be found, providing travellers with great opportunities to connect to the local culture.

This website acts as your guide to all the interesting places that you can visit on Iceland journey to learn more about our heritage. You can use the filters to find museums based on your interest or the region that you are going to visit. Travel itineraries are also available where we have made practical maps with places and description so you can enjoy Icelandic Saga & Heritage in between the magnificant nature and scenery.