Djúpivogur municipality reaches north to Streitishvarf point and south to the middle of the Hvalnes screes. The area includes sand-blocked lagoons of Álftafjörður and Hamarsfjörður, as well as the deep fjord of Berufjörður. The landscape and fauna of the Djúpivogur area are extremely varied and offer a multitude of options for outdoor recreation. The fauna includes seals resting on coastal rocks, colourful bird life in wetlands with easy access and facilities, and reindeer which during most of the year are often seen even from the main roads.

The Icelandic sagas speak of ships coming to the north shore of Berufjörður at Gautavík, one of Iceland's oldest trading points. Two other figures in historical accounts were the settler Þjóðreki and the Christian missionary Þangbrandur.

Our community belongs to the international Cittaslow movement and therefore emphasises its values, such as local characteristics and culture, a humane, wholesome society, and an unspoiled, safe environment. The main idea behind Cittaslow is to take your time to enjoy life – speed does not need to be a lifestyle. When travelling (slowly and pleasantly!) through our community, look for the Cittaslow logo: an orange snail carrying a village on its shell. It appears as a sign of quality for the Local Supporters of Cittaslow - Djúpavogshreppur, promising that what they sell – whether food, handicrafts or other goods – is sourced within the community.

  • Tegund: Folklore Nature Buildings Heritage


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