The Njal's saga Tapestry

The Njal's saga tapestry is a new activity in Hvolsvöllur where the goal is to sew Njal's saga in a tapestry form using the Bayeux stitch (laid couching work) , a special type of stitch that was used in the Viking age. The Njal's saga tapestry will be around 90 m long and the yarn that is used is an Icelandic woollen yarn, dyed locally using natural herbs. The project was started in Febury 2013 and as of September 2014, 30 metres have been sewn. The plan is that the tapestry will take 4 – 5 years in the making. Possibly the best known tapestry in the world is the Bayeux tapestry in Normandy, France, which is 70 m long.

Gunnhildur Edda Kristjánsdóttir and Christina M. Bengtsson, two local women, had the idea that sewing the Njal´s saga in a tapestry form would be an interesting way to introduce the most famous Icelandic saga to a wider audience. They contacted Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir, an artist and literary scholar, and she designed the pictures printed on the tapestry for sewing.

The sewing takes place at the Icelandic Saga Centre in Hvolsvöllur , and once it is completed, the Njal's saga tapestry will be on display there. Anybody can visit the Saga Centre and sew as much or as little as they wish to. People can come to the sewing area, as long as it is open, to see how the sewing is coming along. Visitors that want to take part pay a small amount (1000 ISK) and receive instructions on how to sew this stitch along with the other 2 stitches in the tapestry. They are asked to write their name and what part of the tapestry they sewed in a guestbook that is on display in the same area as the tapestry itself. It is also possible to buy handcraft packs which have pictures from the tapestry itself . All those wishing to make donations to this worthy project are very welcome. All donations are gratefully received!

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Tuesdays at 19:00 - 22:00
Thursdays  at 14:00 - 17:00
Saturdays starting at 10:00
Additional openings by appointment are possible.

Price: 1000 ISK / 7 EUR